Alpro Joghurtalternative Erdbeere-Banane/Pfirsisch-Birne (4x125g)


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Strawberry Banana and Peach Pear Soy yoghurt alternative

For those who like the fruity taste without fruit pieces, Alpro soy yoghurt alternatives strawberry with banana and peach with pear are the perfect choice. Mixed with fresh fruits, our soy yoghurt alternative makes these silky-smooth, slightly sweet treats that glide gently from the spoon.

100% vegetable.
High quality vegetable protein source.
Low fat.
Naturally lactose and gluten free.
Contains calcium and vitamins B2, B12, C and D.
Perfect for in between - anytime, anywhere.

Ingredients: Water, fruits (11%) (strawberries (7.6%), bananas (3.4%)), sugar, shelled soybeans (7.4%), glucose-fructose syrup, stabilizer (pectin), flavor, carrots , Safflower and lemon concentrate, tricalcium phosphate, acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrate), sea salt, antioxidants (strong tocopherol-containing extracts, fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid), vitamins (riboflavin (B2), B12, C, D2), yoghurt cultures (Str. Thermophilus, L bulgaricus).