Koopmans Speculaas Mix (400g)


Koopmans speculoos mix is perfect for everyone who is fond of homemade real Dutch filled speculoos. Almond filled speculoos is such a fine cookie anyway. But fresh from your own baking oven original Dutch filled speculoos cookies are so aromatic and they taste so tremendously soft and spicy that simply nobody can resist to taste them. The ingredients of this Koopmans mix include no less than eight valuable spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, coriander, mace and cardammon. In order to create your own home made filled speculoos you have to add almond paste (offered for instance by Dr. Oetker) and 150g butter to your Koopmans speculoos mix. With Koopmans speculoos mix everyone can bake his own almon filled speculoos at home. Try and enjoy Koopmans mix for almond filled speculoos!