Schwartau Gelee Himbeere (225g)


Raspberry Jelly

Breakfast starts with Schwartau and if you prefer jelly over jam, then you will be enjoying the range of Schwartau jellies: red currant, black currant, quince, raspberry and strawberry. Started in 1899 by two brothers, Schwartau has become a mainstay in German supermarkets. Known for its delicious and natural products, Schwartau offers jams, jellies, and fruit spreads. With approximately 90% of the fruit coming from within the European Union, it is guaranteed that the highest quality products are being used. There are twenty four different types of fruits, each with their own variations. This dedication makes sure that all the products taste as fresh and as fruity as possible. The products are all produced in Germany, with over forty different jams gently processed into over 100 varieties of jams and fruit products.