Waterford Rose-Mary 2019

African Market Place

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The aroma is minerally driven with delicate raspberry fruit undertones. The natural acidity from the Mediterranean varietals adds a lovely soft texture to the wine and provides a crisp and delicate finish.

A vintage which will be remembered for drought and heat. Luckily for Waterford’s location on the Helderberg mountain and the near proximity to the ocean, the vineyards could cool down overnight. The lack of water resulted in light bunches with tiny berries, great for red wine colour and flavour.

A very sophisticated incarnation of a Blanc de Noir, a French term meaning “white wine produced from red grapes.” The red varietals used to produce the Rose-Mary are picked early and whole bunch pressed, in order to preserve the elegance, delicacy and finesse of the wine. This season was incredibly dry, not particularly hot, which means the grapes achieved ripeness at lower sugar levels. As a result, the wine is cleaner and fresher than previous vintages. Limited skin contact during pressing only, gives the wine a beautiful blush colour. This is a perfect summertime wine, with an alcohol content of around 11%, which is very easily paired with many light, fresh dishes. This wine is named after Jeremy Ord’s late mother, a personality always light and refreshing.

The perfect wine to be enjoyed alongside summer dishes. Pork, rich fish (salmon, tuna, etc.), vegetarian and poultry.

Shiraz, Mourvedre, Tempranillo, Cinsaut, Sangiovese

The Estate
The South African winery Waterford is situated in beautiful Stellenbosch, the region at the cape that is best known for its excellent wines. The estate sees continuity and tradition as the best way to ensure highest quality, an idea that can also be felt in the French terracotta design of the winery. Waterford Estate was created through a very special partnership between two families who had a shared dream to create a wine farm where life is cherished, the seasons mark time and the fruit always reminds of blessings, abundance and the beauty of nature.

Alcohol: 11% vol