Zwitsal Anti-puncture Baby Shampoo (200ml)


Zwitsal shampoo is an extremely mild and gentle shampoo with a special anti-sting formula that’s suitable for babies and children of all ages. Zwitsal shampoo contains absolutely no soap and is hypoallergenic, pH skin neutral and has been both clinically and dermatologically tested, making it suitable even for new born babies. 

Zwitsal baby shampoo is incredibly easy to use. Before application, make your baby’s hair damp using a wet face cloth. Next place a small amount of Zwitsal baby shampoo into the palm of your hand and massage gently into your little one’s hair. Don’t forget to rinse baby’s hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until it’s completely shampoo free. If your baby is still very young, you can also massage the shampoo into their hair whilst still on the changing table, before placing them into the bath and rinsing thoroughly.