Zwitsal Schuimbad (700ml)


Zwitsal bubble bath is perfect for toddlers and young children as it’s not only extremely kind to their skin, it’s also hypoallergenic, pH skin neutral and has been both clinically and dermatologically tested. Zwitsal bubble bath is suitable for babies of 1 year and over and it’s also ideal for adults with sensitive skin.

To prepare a lovely bath full of bubbles in next to no time, simply add a small amount of Zwitsal bubble bath into an empty bathtub and fill with warm water. As Zwitsal Bubble bath is plant-based, it cleanses and nourishes your baby’s skin in an exceptionally gentle way and has a particularly soothing effect thanks to the chamomile extract with which it is enriched. And in addition to being incredibly calming for baby’s skin, it also makes bath time great fun.