Asbach Uralt Weinbrand 36% (0.7L)


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Asbach Uralt is a German brandy that was first distilled in 1892 by Hugo Asbach, a Cologne native. With the knowledge he gained at various French distilleries, Asbach distilled his first batch of brandy and opened a company in Rüdesheim am Rhein.

He initially labeled his brandy as Rüdesheim Cognac, but after the Treaty of Versailles, which stipulated that only French products can be named Cognac, Asbach coined the term Weinbrand (wine brandy) and gave his product its current name. Aged in Limousin and German oak, classic Asbach Uralt is an amber-colored brandy that is smooth and warming, with subtle sweetness and peppery nuances that are accompanied by aromas and flavors reminiscent of honey, vanilla, caramel, plums, nuts, chocolate, and coffee.


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