Abba Löksill Herring (240g)


Herring is a classic ingredient of the Scandinavian cuisine. Abba Seafood has produced appetizing marinades since 1838 using herring from cold and clean waters. Herring is a genuine and wholesome delicacy that can be enjoyed on a piece of crisp bread, as an exciting starter or served as it is on a buffet table. In our extensive herring range, you will find creamy and mild marinades as well as tangy recipes with creative flavour combinations. Our experienced buyers select only the best raw material. All marinades, clear and creamy, are based on the finest of herring fillets. The fresh fish is taken from the sea and put into barrels and then marinated in an old-fashioned way. The barrels are stored like the finest of wines - in the dark and at a precise temperature. The herring is then cut into appetizing pieces with that perfectly preserved resistance in each bite. Marinated herring from Abba Seafood is a smart and tasteful choice. All of our herring products are MSC certified while at the same time the fish is naturally rich in beneficial Omega-3. Abba Swedish herring marinated with onion is one of the Swedes absolutely favourites. It has a balanced, clean taste with a touch of spring onion, mild pepper and beautiful cranberries.


Vendor: SWEDEN