Bionade Zitrone-Bergamotte (330ml)


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Bionade Lemon is a unique soft drink to come out of Germany in the last few years. The drink is produced in unique manner via fermentation (although there is no alcohol produced! 

“BIONADE, by contrast is a fermented drink, which through fermentation is organically produced from scratch. Such a non-alcoholic refreshment drink never before existed.”

We have found a completely natural way to transform lemons into a purely organic soft drink. But that’s not the only thing that differentiates it from a classic lemonade. In order to make our ripe, flavoursome lemons just a little bit more sour, we simply combined them with bergamot. And just like all Bionade flavours, the new Bionade Lemon-Bergamot is also brewed with natural ingredients, which gives it a pleasant sweetness and a tangy, fruity flavour.