Hertog Jan Weizener (300ml)


The Hertog Jan brewery is best known for its Grand Prestige Dark Strong Ale, but its range also features superb brews like this Weizener wheat beer. 

This Weizener combines the best of two very different types of beer traditionally brewed with wheat. From the Belgian White Beer it has the fresh Belgian yeast and the beautiful herbs that are known there under the name 'gruit'. This gives it its freshness and an exotic touch. From the German Weizen it has the hops and the wheat that is common in Germany. It’s packed with hay and straw flavours and fresh-bread malts, and banana and clove yeast notes galore. The hops add a classic character with lemon and spice flavours to make a harmonious whole. It’s a great beer to eat with a big salad or freshly grilled fish.