Karvan Cevitam Framboos 75% (600ml)


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Rasberry Cordial

Karvan Cévitam is one of the leading producers of high quality lemonade syrups. You only have to add the appropriate amount of water to obtain your own excellent fruit juice. One of the big advantages of syrup is that you decide yourself how fruity and sweet your lemonade will taste. Original Karvan Cévitam lemonade syrup comes in various tastes, all of them are full of real fruit and delicious aromas. The company from which Karvan Cévitam emerged in 1948 was founded in the late 19th century and looks back at more than 130 years of increasing succes. Karvan Cévitam is a warrant of full fruity taste. Try Karvan Cévitamtropical fruits! Tropical fruits is such an aromatic and authentic tasting syrup that you'll be unable to resist it anymore once you've had your first self mixed Karvan Cévitam tropical fruits lemonade.