Lotus Original Speculoos Crunchy (400g)


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Lotus Biscoff speculoos sandwichspread is a tasty alternative to chocolate creams and is based on caramell cookies. Everyone knows speculoos which originated in Belgium many centuries ago. Besides to this crunchy variant a creamy Lotus Biscoff speculoos sandwichspread is obtainable. In the Netherlands speculoos is a traditional delicacy which is especially given to children during the santa Claus feast on the 5th and 6th of December. But speculoos is based on such a fine spiced caramel dough that it would be a pity to restrict its consumption to a few days in December. Today speculoos caramel cookies are available in many sorts anytime. A relatively new and increasingly popular way to enjoy original Lotus Biscoff speculoos is to use it as a sandwich spread. The fine caramel flavor smells so good and it tastes so sweet and at the same time spicy that you are in danger to get addicted to Lotus Biscoff speculoos sandwichspread as soon as you have tried it for the first time.